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Swimming Pools

Fiberglass pools are the fastest growing type of swimming pool offered to customers. This low maintenance product offers unique design options making it a valuable option in your backyard. Although fiberglass pools cost 30-40% more than vinyl lined pools your savings in maintenance costs over the life of your pool make it a better investment. Fiberglass pools are constructed off site and transported to your job site.

Fiberglass pools never require refinishing. This results in lowercost of ownership.
Extremely durable


Fiberglass Swimming Pool


  • Lowest lifetime maintenance costs
  • Durable color choices and excepts water line tile
  • Built in safety ledge around the pool
  • Large range of shapes and sizes available
  • Stairs, benches, and swim out included in most models
  • Low weekly maintenance costs
  • Smooth surface finish

Fiberglass Swimming Pool


  • Size (16’x40’ is the largest fiberglass pool model available)
  • Very little customization available

Your choice of sharp geometric lines or the flexibility of a freeform shape may be your toughest decision. Fiberglass pools go great with any type of patio surface from concrete to travertine. Bring us your pictures and ideas so we can put your ideas into action. Add a spa or tanning ledge to maximize the adults’ entertainment space.

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